Saturday, February 23, 2019



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The Lot Book

"Big Data", data analytics, and algorithms are changing the landscape of the world today. There is more happening in a more efficient manner than ever before. Analyzing data helps us make better decisions, minimize risk, and help save the most valuable thing in life, time.

Nathan Drew has created a database of over 400,000 (and counting) quantifiable data points of developed subdivisions, along with data points of new construction homes throughout the Des Moines Metro. This is far more encompassing than what is available on the MLS and/or Xceligent. It took Nathan and his Marketing Director over a year to compile the data, and they keep it updated monthly.

With this data, Nathan is able to manipulate it and make projections on future development needs. Having this information available helps Nathan's clients' decision making in acquisition of land and disposition of finished lots. With this data, Nathan generates quarterly reports on lot and housing needs throughout the 20 cities that make up the Des Moines Metropolitan Area.